​​What kind of dreams can be submitted?

Y.A.W.N.S. collects dreams directly or indirectly concerning art and the world of art. This means that any dream related to art, artworks, exhibitions, artists, art venues, art workers, art events, etc. can be submitted. 

It is possible to submit dreams which don’t relate directly to art if they have been triggered by it (i.e. after seeing a particular show, before meeting a particular person, etc.). In these cases the situation which inspired the dream has to be specified.

Can I submit drawings or other media?

Any medium that makes you feel comfortable to express the dream at its best is welcome. Just keep in mind Y.A.W.N.S.'s  display format and that submissions are anonymous.

Do dreams have to be recent?

Both new-made and old dreams can be submitted at the condition that their date is reported.

In what language should dreams be written?

Y.A.W.N.S. is based on english, but it is possible to submit dreams in any language. Some dreams may be translated in english by the editor. 

Which data are requested along with the dreams?

All dreams are published anonymously. The only requested informations are: role in the art world (artist, spectator, critic, curator, gallery owner, art technician, etc.) and the day/month/year in which the dream has occurred. If the date is unsure, you can report it as "approximately".

Why are dreams published anonymously?

Dreams are anonymous to guarantee maximum freedom of expression. It is important for Y.A.W.N.S. that users feel as comfortable as possible in making their visions, even the most controversial, public. 

Are all the dreams received by Y.A.W.N.S. published?

All dreams corresponding to Y.A.W.N.S. guide lines are published. Only extremely graphic and offensive dreams may be declined.

What is the "On dreaming" section about?

"On dreaming" is a section where we publish contributions regarding dreams and the arts. Contributions can range from personal notes to essays, storytelling, researches, drawings, etc.. "On dreaming" is a space where Y.A.W.N.S. keep an eye open on itself.

How can I contribute to the "On dreaming" section?

If you want to share materials for the "On dreaming" section please send them via mail to yawns.blog@gmail.com and they will be considered for publication. In this section your signature will be displayed.